Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram Maharashtra

Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram Maharashtra

Women Empowerment

Empower the Women Develop the Nation

A woman is the backbone of our family and society. For the Empowerment of women, organization conducts awareness camps in rural areas where women related issues, rights & duties are also discussed. Self Help Group (SHG) is one of the major activities of woman empowerment.
A total of 3000+ SHGs are working across the country. SHGs are also aimed at developing entrepreneurship in Janjati Women.
Through these organized SHGs, the activities such as the construction of Toilets, working for availing Govt social welfare schemes and running of fair price shops under PDS schemes are operated.


  • Smt. Thamatai Pawar, Maharashtra and Smt. Achhama of Andhra Pradesh were honoured for their exemplary work on various platforms.

  • VKA conducted an extensive educational survey about Socio Economic situation of Janjati women in India. Report of the survey has been published at Ranchi.